Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Treasure of Wisdom

Outfit of the day:
-Shirt: Cutest top ever!! ok maybe not ever but I'm loving those colored shirts at the moment!
 Especially when the shirt is made of chiffron! I mean honestly, it's summer, you want to stay 
cool, the last thing you want is to put on something that'll make you sweat too much! This 
fabric is totally in and will definitely help you stay cool!
-Shorts: High wasted shorts are just about the must-have item for your summer closet! It
 gives you that retro look as well as making you look absolutely fit and cute! 

Verse of the day: 
"Cry out for wisdom, and beg for understanding. Search for it like silver and hunt for it like
 hidden treasure." Proverbs 2: 3-4 
Have you ever met a person with a great intellect, who always has a great 
story to tell about the latest books they've read or talks about the latest current events
as if they themselves were the reporters? Well my dear friend then you have 
probably felt a secret yearning inside
to be like that person yourself, why? Because that person (believe it or not) has influence 
and a captivating essence in them you just can't explain... In a nutshell that's the beauty of
having wisdom, of being a wise, intellectual human being! You feel great about yourself
because you've got that intelligent quality, you know that you'll be admired for your wisdom 
and that's one of the great reasons the author of Proverbs wrote that you should "cry out for 
wisdom, and beg for understanding"! Wisdom truly is like a great hidden treasure that once 
found will enrich your life with blessings like never before! So "how do I get this much desired
wisdom?" you ask yourself "If it's that great of a treasure it's probably completely out of
my reach" and that my friend is where your wrong! When searching for wisdom you should 
look no further than Jesus who is more than willing to supply it to you. In the book of James
it is written " But if any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He is generous to
everyone, and will give you wisdom without criticizing you"(James 1:5). It's really that 
simple!!By definition wisdom is "The quality of having experience, knowledge and good
judgment." and that is exactly what Christ is prepared to give to those who ask, so ask 
and you shall receive! :)

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