Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interview with a Model: Mayanne Madeira

Hey guys!! So Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means! Shopping!!! But before you can go shopping  you need to know just what's in for this new season so Fashionista in the Sea has teamed up with model Mayanne Madeira to show you a cute outfit to look for when shopping! 

Fashionista in the Sea also had the opportunity to get a quick interview with Mayanne about her style and faith! So check it out below!: 

Q) FashionistaHow would you describe your style?

A)Mayanne:Fun, girly and versatile in that I can be simple, or 

dressed up depending on the day. I love to decide what to wear 

and come up with different combinations for outfits. 

Q) Fashionista:Has modeling been a dream of yours since you were a 


A) MayanneYes, I have always wanted to model and I modeled a 

year for a modeling company.

Q) Fashionista:In ten years where do you see yourself? Modeling or 

doing something else?

A) Mayanne:I see myself doing modeling or something with fashion.

Q) Fashionista:How would you say God has helped you in your life's 


A) MayanneHE has given me a wonderful support system that helps 

me with everything. MY family has always been by my side and God 

has blessed me with a good head on my shoulders because I have 

good intentions and goals and I believe anything is possible with 

God's help.

Q) Fashionista: Do you have anything to say about yourself to your 


A) Mayanne: I have to say that I am passionate about the things 

that I do and I hope to live out many dreams that I have for 

instance with fashion, art, and caring for and teaching children!

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