Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Problem Too Big...

Outfit of the Day: So today's outfit to me is extremely warm.. Warm as in color scheme that is and I absolutely love it!! I know I know I say I love all my outfits, but it's true!! This one just brightens up my
day when I wear it... The red gives a great contrast to the light brown jacket which just pops out and
screams "hello world! I'm having such a wonderful day!" :) this is the outfit to wear whenever you're
feeling great, healthy, beautiful, whatever!! Oh and might I add aren't those just the cutest vintage shoes
ever! :) Ok now I'm done haha

Verse of the Day: "Come to me, all you who are tired and have heavy loads, and I will give you rest."Mathew 11:28  
        Oh Rest... that word just soothes my soul... Oh Rest... that word is just such a relaxing thought... It's true, and I know, life can get pretty insane and there's no stopping or controlling certain events and obstacles that all stack up against us, however, as in this great and inspiring Bible verse Jesus gives us complete and total rest... how you ask? well you have to cast all your issues to Him, tell Him every single thing that's bothering you and have the confidence inside that He's listening and He promises to give you a break from all the craziness!! Isn't that just the greatest thought ever! The fact of the matter is all that I said is true, but as humans we don't really stop thinking of our problems, we say that we know Christ is handling everything but we don't have our complete faith in His word, so I tell you today three simple steps to take that you can even write down on post-its and post them everywhere you go often like your room, the bathroom, etc.... and they are "Pray,Have Patience,and Persevere" 

Pray: Give all your concerns to Christ, all that bothers you, just tell Him how you're feeling and ask Him to help ease things out.

Patience: Our timing isn't God's timing, and God makes everything beautiful in it's own time (and that's a promise God gives us in His word) ;)

Persevere: Lastly, persevere in Life, If a situation looks too hard just remember that nothing is impossible for God :)

So Pray, Have Patience, and Persevere! Watch God open doors for you that you never thought possible :D 

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